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Finding Your Way

Dedicated to helping people enter into a relationship with God through repentance and faith in The Lord Jesus Christ

Free Prescription Discount Card - Save Up to 90% on Your Medication’s

Free Prescription Discount Card - Save on your prescriptions and refill's at most major pharmacies. Simply click on the discount card image below to print it and bring it with you to your pharmacist when picking up your new prescriptions and refills. Discounts not valid at Walgreens

Welcome To InCareRx Free Prescription Discount Card, lowest overall prices at most chains, HIPAA compliant, and no mail order offerings that compete with pharmacies or agents! Save 14% to 21% on Brand, and sometimes over 90% on generics, depending on what medication you are prescribed!

InCareRx Patient's benefit: We have the highest overall savings of any other card in the market; this means the lowest overall prices on prescription drugs. There is no need to shop around; with this card they receive the same low price at every participating pharmacy. Use your favorite chain Pharmacy and keep using them with comfort that you are receiving the lowest price available. Patients Information is NEVER disclosed or sold to any third party, nor released to anyone for any purpose. InCareRx Free Prescription Discount Card is HIPAA compliant.

Pharmacies Benefit - InCareRx sends you more customers and keeps them your customer: Your cash paying customers are valuable, so don't lose to independent pharmacies because of price.. Would you like your cash paying customers to keep coming here each month, and not shop around for price?

A:  Unlike the other discount cards they accept, we don't compete with pharmacies by offering Mail Order, we want our patients coming back to you each month.

B:  We don't pay exorbitant fees as others do.

Physician's/Providers Benefit:Your Patients Will Love You For This! Do you have patients leaving with little to no insurance to cover their prescriptions being filled? These cards are free for you to distribute. Hand these cards to each of these patients and have them direct the patients, or call in their scripts to the pharmacies you have already developed a relationship. Tell them we sent them to this pharmacy.